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22 February, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 31 — Luke 11:37-52

Study 31 of "Search The Scriptures” Is:

Luke 11:37-52

    1.     Verses 37-44. How would you summarize the faults of the Pharisees? Translate them into terms of modern life.  What attitude and action does Jesus recommend?

    2.     Verses 45-52. What three charges does Jesus level against the lawyers? Translate these, too, into modern terms. Who may still be guilty in this way? How may such sins be avoided?
1.     Verse 44.  Contact with a grave caused defilement (Nu.19:16).

2.     Verse 51. For Abel, see Gn. 4:8; for Zechariah, see 2 Ch. 24:20-22. As Chronicle was the last book in the Hebrew Old Testament, the whole range of Old Testament history is thus indicated.