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17 February, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 26 — Luke 9:57-10:12

Today we are going back to studying Luke's book and we will pick up where we left off. 

Study 26 of "Search The Scriptures” Is:
Luke 9:57-10:12

     1.     9:57-62.  How would you describe the three different types referred to here? Why was Jesus not satisfied with their response to His summons to follow Him? Contrast Jesus’s own attitude (verse 51)
    2.      10:1-12. How do these verses show the urgency both in Jesus’ own concern for evangelism, and in the work He gives to His disciples? What is the reason for this urgency? In what activities ought it to make us engage?
Note.  9:59, 60 The man wants to delay until after his father’s death, which may be imminent.  In Jesus’s reply ‘the dead’ are those who have no spiritual life.