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27 February, 2015

Abiding Is Sometimes Hard!

A few days ago God showed me, the time that I spent moping through the waiting process, I did not grow an iota in Him, spiritually speaking of course. This revelation happened after I wrote my post to come clean about my failure. Of course, I have been doing what needs to be done in order to bring myself to a place where I fulfill my part of the abiding process.  After 3 hours of sleep last night, I awoke in the middle of the night. I knew I should use the time to pray and talk to God, but it felt as if my mind had a mind of its own. It took extra efforts on my part after wasting at least an hour, to stop my mind from running away from me (this is what it felt like.)

I could see how easy it is for us human being, not to want to do what Christ wants to do. Honestly, this had nothing to do with Satan, but everything to do with me. My mind kept wandering off on its own. Finally, I got hold of it and stopped this nonsense. I stopped it because when you are a spiritual Christian, you know that is not the way He wants you to spend time. God’s goal is for us to want to do what Christ likes doing.

My point is, in John 15, God made it clear to us that the abiding process is to be reciprocated.  The Bible also tells us that those who abide in Him will cherish His words, meditate on them, believe in Him, obey His words and depends on Him.  If when I was sulking for a few weeks I did not grow spiritually, obviously I failed to fulfill those things, hence I did not avail myself to share His sap in order to get the spiritual nutrition that I needed to grow stronger as a branch.

The spirit showed me this morning, another part of abiding that I was not thinking of at all because I have been taking things for granted.  He showed me, if I want to reciprocate to Him, perhaps I might want to stop that runaway train mode that my mind is on, grab the bull by the horn and make every effort on my part to start bringing my mind to a level where I know that I am doing what Christ likes doing.

 Anyway, I interrupted my reading to share this tiny bit with you.  Have a great day, as for me, I am going back to my time with God.