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11 February, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 14 — Genesis 20:1-21:21

Study 14 of "Search The Scriptures” Is:

Genesis 20:1-21:21

     1.     What may we learn from Gn. 20 of the weakness of human nature, even in a believer; and of God’s protecting care and saving grace? Cf. Ps. 94:18; Mk. 14:38; 1 Cor. 10:12; 2 Tim. 2:13.

     2.     Gn. 21:1-7. Isaac’s means ‘laughter’.  What is the difference between Sarah’s laughter in 18:12 and in 21:6?  How was the change brought about?  See also 17:17-19. To what two complementary truths did the name Isaac thus bear witness? Cf. Mt. 19:26.

    3.     Gn. 21:8-21. From what was Ismael cast out, and why? Cf. Rom. 9:6-9; Gal. 4:28-30.  Why did God nevertheless hear Ismael’s voice and grant him His blessing and His presence?
1.     20:18. The use here of God’s covenant name ‘Lord’ or “Jehovah” is significant. It was He who intervened to preserve Sarah as the intended mother of the promises son.  Contrast 21:17-20, where we read that ‘God’, not the ‘Lord’, heard Ismael’s voice, etc.
2.     21:9 ‘Playing with’ the same is probably better conveyed by the Av and Av ‘mocking’. Ishmael did not laugh like Sarah; he made fun. Thus Isaac, the object of holy laughter, was made the butt of unholy mockery.