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21 February, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 30 — Luke 11:14-36

Study 30 of "Search The Scriptures” Is:

Luke 11:14-36
In verses 15 and 16 are recorded two attacks on Jesus: a charge of collusion with Satan, and demand for a sign to authenticate His mission. The first is answered in verses 17-26, the second in verses 29-32.

    1.     How does Jesus show the falsity of the charge that He cast out demons by demonic power? What, on the contrary, do His exorcisms prove about Him?

    2.     What is the sign of Jonah? Cf. Mt. 12:40. Why should the generation to whom Jesus preached stand condemned at the judgment? What was their sin?
1.       Verse 19. ‘Your sons’: Jewish exorcists. Verses 20-22 show Jesus’ complete mastery over Satan in comparison with the imperfect cures of the exorcists. (Verses 24-26).  

2.       Verses 34-36. The function of the eye, as the organ by which the body makes use of the light which shines on it, is taken as an analogy for the faculty of spiritual perception, which must be in good order to receive the lights of revelation.  The allusion is to the spiritual blindness of ‘its generation’.