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20 October, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 23 — Romans 13

Study 23 From The Book of Romans Is: Romans 13

1.      What three main reasons does Paul give in verses 1-7 why it is right to submit to the civil power?  How will this submission express itself in practice?

2.      What single guiding principle should control the Christian’s life in society? See verse 8-10.

3.      Verses 11-14. Paul gave in 12:1 one powerful motive for living the life set forth in these chapters, namely, ‘the mercies of God’.  What further motive does he present here?  What will wearing the armour of light mean for you, both negatively and positively?

Note.  Verse 2. “ The state can rightly command obedience only within the limits of the purposes for which it has been divinely instituted—in particular the state not only may, but  must be resisted when it demands the allegiance due to God’s alone”