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10 October, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 13 — Romans 7:7-25

Study 13 From The Book of Romans Is: Romans 7:7-25

Man’s true life under the law frustrated and spoiled by sin.

1.      Verses 7-13. To speak about passions being aroused by the law might suggest that the law itself is sinful.  What evidence does Paul give in theses verses to show that the law is holy and good, and yet (a) reveals sin; (b) provokes sin;  (c) results in death? What does it thus bring to light concerning the character of sin?

2.      Verses 14:25. Which is the stronger force in a man’s life, the law or sin? What, then is the inevitable result of life under the law, even as its best?

Note.  In verses 14-25 the apostle expands what he means by ‘the old written code’ (7:6).  The laws of God commands from without, but sin as a power within compels obedience to its own dictates. Two things are needed; (a) deliverance from the condemnation which the law of God pronounce, and (b) a power within greater than that of sin to enable us to do God’s will. Both are provided in Christ, as Paul shows in chapter 8, expounding the meaning of his words ‘the new life of the Spirit’ (7:6).