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30 October, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 18 — Exodus 25

Study 18 From The Book of Exodus Is: Exodus 25

1.      What was the twofold purpose of the Tabernacle? See verses 8, 22 in particular.

2.      Notice the three articles of furniture described in this chapter, but observe specially the ark and what is said of it in verses 20, 22. What is the significance of the fact that only above the mercy seat could God and man meet and commune together? Cf. 1. Jn.2:1, 2.
Note.  Verses 17-22.  The ‘mercy seat’ or proprietary covering was a slave of pure gold, with cherubim at either end. This acted as a lid on the ark, covering the tables of testimony inside. On it the high priest sprinkled blood to make atonement.  Cf. Lv. 16:15, 16.