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19 October, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 22 — Romans 12

Study 22 From The Book of Romans Is: Romans 12

In the second part of his letter now shows what quality of life should characterize those who believe in the gospel as set out in chapters 1-11. The close connection between belief and conduct in emphasized by the significant word ‘therefore’ in 12:1.

1.      What should be the believers’ attitude (a) to God, and (b) to the world? What results should such a right attitude produce?  

2.      It has been suggested that the teaching of verse 3-8 might be summed up in the word ‘humility’ and that of verses 9-21 in the word of ‘love’.  How far is this true? At what points do I particularly come short of these standards?

1.        Verse 2. ‘Transformed’: the same Greek word is used three other times in the New Testament, in Mt. 17:2   and Mk. 9:2 (‘transfigured’); and in 2 Corinthian 3:18 (‘changed’).
2.      Verse 20. ‘Burning coals’: a figurative emblem of severe pain, here the pain of shame and contrition.