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17 October, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 20 — Romans 11:11-24

Study 20 From The Book of Romans Is: Romans 11:11-24

1.       If a man trips and stumbles, he may either rise again or fall and perish.  What reasons does Paul give here for his confidence that Israel’s rejection is not final?

2.      Against what spirit does he warn Gentile believers? What lessons ought we to learn for ourselves from God’s dealings with Israel?

3.      How does this passage encourage the vigorous prosecution of Christian mission to the Jews?    

Note.  Verse 16. Cf. Nu. 15: 17-21. As the offering of the first-fruits was regarded as consecrating the whole harvest, so in the choice of the patriarchs the whole nation became set apart for God.  Cd. Verse 28.