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14 May, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 19 — Acts 10:34-48

Study 19 From The book of Acts Is: Acts 10:34-48

  1. What new truth had Peter learned from the vision? See verses 34, 35 and cf. verse 28. Notice that the work could not develop until Peter had learned this. Is our willingness to learn some divinely-revealed truth hindering God’s work in and through us?
  2. When Peter addressed Jews, what truths did he use to awaken their conscience (cf. 2:36 and 3:13-15)?  What truth did he use now? Do you find any other indications in this address that it was spoken before a Gentile audience? What ought we to learn from these features concerning our presentation of the gospel to non-Christian?
  3. Consider the character of Cornelius as revealed in this chapter. If he was such a devout man before, what did he gain by believing on Jesus? Cf. 11:13-15

Note. Verses 34, 35.  The meaning of Peter’s words is not that men can be saved by their own good works, but that men like Cornelius and his friends are not excluded from God’s favorable regard on the ground of their nationality.  Their devout spirit is just as pleasing in God’s sight as a similar spirit and behaviour would have been in a Jew.