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15 May, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 20 — Acts 11:1-18

Study 20  From The book of Acts Is: Acts 11:1-18

The circumcision party (verse 2) was a conservative group in the church at Jerusalem, who insisted on the necessity of circumcision for all. Cf. 15:1, 5. Peter had to explain to them his action with Cornelius.

1. What main point does Peter emphasize when he recounts his meeting with Cornelius? Notice what Peter says about prayer; the vision and action of God; the part played by the angel and the Holy Spirit.  What was the result of God’s action upon (a) the Gentiles (verses 14, 17, 18), (b) the circumcision party (verse 18), and (c) Peter (verses 16,17)?
2. Compare 1:5 with 11:16, 17 and Eph. 3:6. Peter had to learn that there was more truth in God’s word than he realized at first, and that he must not keep up social, national and religious barriers when God has removed them.  Do you retain any such barriers between yourself and someone else which ought to be removed?