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18 May, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 01 — Exodus 1 and 2

Study 01  From The book of Exodus Is: Exodus 1 and 2

I felt important to give you the author’s background on Exodus because mid 2000 during my wilderness walk with Him, I was surprised to see that God took me back to basics in this book of Exodus to learn how important each steps were to Him, how they must be applied to our lives and our souls and how to avoid responding like the Israelites. It is there, I learned to talk boldly about the wilderness life as if it was something expected in the Christian life. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the author's thoughts on the same issue, penned in black and white.

The name Exodus, taken from the Septuagint translation, means ‘going out’. By applying the word ‘redeem’ to the great deliverance from Egypt (Ex: 6:6; 15:13), the book itself shows us in which direction to look for the spiritual meaning lying behind the historic fact.  These twenty chapters are indeed full of teaching; not only the Exodus itself, but also the Red Sea, Marah, Elim, the manna, the rock, and the life-giving water, to name only the chief examples, all speak to us of spiritual truth.
In these chapters we read:
(a)    Of redemption from bondage by power, and from death by the shedding of blood.
(b)   Of the love of God, manifesting itself first in compassion for His suffering people, then in action for their deliverance, and in wonderful patience with their faithlessness and obstinacy.
(c)    Of the holiness of God demanding consecration, separation and purity, and giving a law which must be observed.
(d)   Of the amazing ingratitude of man, despite the countless benefits showered upon him, and of a ready promise (so soon broken) to do all that God commanded.
(e)    But also of one man, Moses, who, like Abraham and Joseph before him, lived in the consciousness of God’s presence and showed steadfast fidelity and conspicuous faith.


1.      What are the contrasting attitudes of the Israelites toward their circumstances, as revealed in this passage? Cf. Heb. 11:23-25. What is God’s attitude to the situation? See especially 2:23-25.
2.      By what varied means from birth onwards was Moses prepared for his life-work? Cf. Acts 7:20-29. What does this reveal concerning God’s way of working?