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02 May, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 07 — Acts 4:1-31

Study 07 From The book of Acts Is: Acts 4:1-31

    1.   Verses 1-22. Persecution. The leaders of organized religion now openly persecute the disciples.  What caused the arrest (verse 3) and the release (verse 21) of Peter and John? What verbal and visible evidence did Peter offer in their defense? Does fear of men sometimes makes us silent when we ought to speak?

2.   Verses 23-31. Prayer. Going back to their fellow-Christians, the disciples pray.  Trace the threefold reason (verses 24-28), request (verses 29, 30) and result (verse 31) found in their prayer. Could you pray with such boldness and willingness in a similar tough situation?