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13 May, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 18 — Acts 9:43 – 10:33

Study 18  From The book of Acts Is: Acts 9: 43 – 10:33

  1.  See Notes 1 and 2. Contrast the two towns of Joppa and Caesarea, and the two men and Cornelius.  The scene is not set for the Gentiles to receive the Gospel. Whose intervention was necessary to bring it about? Whom ought we to thank for our reception of the gospel?
  2. How did God teach new truths to both Peter and Cornelius? Notice the prejudice that had to be removed and the obedience that was shown. Are you also willing to obey God when He teaches you something new and different from your natural prejudice or preference?
  1. 9:43. This verse really belongs to the Cornelius story. Joppa was a very Jewish town, loyal to ancient tradition; Caesarea was a semi-pagan city, modeled on Rome.
  2. 10:1. Cornelius was a Gentile and a God-fearer, who joined with the Jewish worship, without becoming a proselyte.
  3. 10:4. ‘As a memorial’: the word is that used in Lv. 2:2 in connection with the remembrance offering. The angel’s message assures Cornelius that though, in his uncircumcision, he had no share in the sacrifices of the Temple, yet his prayers and alms were acceptable before God.