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05 May, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 10 — Acts 6:1-7:8

Study 10 From The book of Acts Is: Acts 6:1-7:8

     1.   How did the apostles deal with the incipient troubles mentioned in 6:1? What three results followed for the widows, the Seven, and the Twelve?  What lessons may we learn from their handling of the situation?

2.   Notice three things about Stephen’s life and ministry (6: 5-15): (a) the outstanding features of his life (verses 5, 8); (b) the nature of the persecution against him (verses 11-13); (c) the charges laid against him (verses 13, 14).  Cf. Mk. 14:57, 58 and Acts 21:27, 28.  What are the indispensable qualifications for, and the possible consequences of, faithful witness for Christ?
1.   6:1. ‘Hellenists’ denote Jews who had lived abroad and spoke Greek. ‘Hebrews’ were Jews of Palestine who spoke the Jewish language.
2.   Stephen’s ministry marked a vital stage in the growth of the early church. His teaching ‘first drove a wedge between Judaism and Christianity’