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03 June, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 25 — Acts 13:44-52

Study 25 From The book of Acts Is: Acts 13:44-52

The Jews Antioch became Jealous (verse 45) because Paul’s message of forgiveness through Christ was drawing away the God-fearers, whom they hoped would eventually become fully committed to Judaism.

  1. What was the result of this jealous opposition upon the work of Paul and Barnabas? Cf. 18:5, 6; 28:28. Do you ever allow opposition to silence your testimony or halt your Christian work? Of what may the refusal of some to respond be an indication?
  2. Paul and Barnabas now turn to the Gentiles. What two reasons are given in verses 46, 47 (see Note 1), and what two results follow in (a) the wider proclamation of the gospel and the ingathering of believers, and (b) the experience of the converts?
  1. Verse 47. Cf. Is. 49:6. Supremely this refers to Jesus Christ, but Paul sees himself as continuing the mission to the Gentiles that Jesus began.
  2. Verses 46 and 48. The Jew’s exclusion was their own fault.  The Gentiles’ inclusion was due wholly to God’s grace and a fulfillment of His foreordained purpose. This illustrates two sides of scriptural truth which need always to be held in balance.