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23 June, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 45 — Acts 22:30 - 23:10

Study 45 From The Book of Acts Is: Acts 22:30 - 23:10 

  1. What is Paul’s testimony concerning his behavior and his belief? Cf. 24:16 and 2 Tim, 1:3. He sought always to live to the glory of God. Are you able to testify in the same way concerning your behavior and belief?
  2. Consider Paul’s tactics in the courtroom: (a) his righteous anger (verses 3-5), and (b) his division of the court (verses 6-10). Once again the inquiry was abandoned.  Was Paul more concerned for his own welfare and a settlement of the whole matter, or for the truth?

  1. 23:1. ‘Lived’: literally ‘lived as a citizen’. Paul’s meaning was: ‘Men and brethren I have fulfilled my duty to the Commonwealth of Israel in all good conscience, in the sight of God, until this day.’
  2. 23:5. This was not a formal meeting of the Jewish Council, at which the high priest was present, but a meeting summoned by the chief captain and no doubt presided over by himself. Paul, therefore, did not know that the voice that spoke was that of the high priest.