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26 June, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 48 — Acts 24: 22 – 25: 12

Study 48 From The Book of Acts Is: Acts 24: 22 – 25: 12

  1. 24: 22-27. Paul before Felix.  What four motives controlled Felix’s treatment of Paul?  Do self-interest and fear ever stop you from doing what is right?
  2. 25:1-12. Paul before Festus.  Why did Paul refuse Festus’s offer for a trial in Jerusalem, and instead, as a Roman citizen, claim his right to appeal to Caesar? Do you think Paul was taking the right course of action regardless of the consequences?
Note. 25:11. A Roman citizen could appeal to a higher Roman magistrate against his sentence, or at any stage in his trial.  Paul now appeals to Nero.