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14 June, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 36 — Acts 18: 18-28

Study 36 From The Book of Acts Is: Acts 18:18-28

  1. Paul ends his second missionary journey (verses 18-23) with travels of more than a thousand miles. Luke reviews many months very briefly. Note, with the help of a map, the places Paul visited and the purposes he hoped to achieve.
  2. We have a thumb – nail sketch of Apollos in verses 24-28. What is said about (a) his knowledge of the Scriptures, (b) his enthusiasm, (c) the help Aquila and Priscilla gave, (d) his preaching, and (e) the value of his ministry (cf. 1 Cor. 3:6)?  Take each of these five points and ask yourself what you can learn from the life of Apollos.
  1. Verse 18 ‘He had a vow’: it is not known why Paul made a vow. The practice was, however, common among the Jews.
  2. Verse 22. ‘He went up’: ie, to Jerusalem.