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28 June, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 50 — Acts 26:1-28

Study 50 From The Book of Acts Is: Acts 26:1-18

  1. Paul makes his defense before King Agrippa.  He deals with three themes: (a) his life before he was converted (verses 4-11), (b) his conversion (verses 12-15), and (c) his commission to serve Jesus Christ (verses 16-18). Sum up in a few word each of these three periods in Paul’s life. What made this change and what was the real question at issue in this trial? See verses 6-8; 13-15.
  2. How does the Lord Jesus, in the commission which He gave to Paul (verses 16-18), describe (a) the lost condition of mankind, (b) the content of salvation, and (c) the method of salvation?