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08 November, 2012

Why Shoud I Follow Hard After God?

This is an excerpt of my newly released Christian book 
"Apprehended & Apprehending"

Taken from the chapter 5 of the book

We follow hard after God because we have become aware of the need for a deeper life in Him, with Holy hunger. He initiates this pursuit to a point where we hunger so much that nothing can satisfy us anymore unless we get hold of Him in the depth of our beings. This awareness of Him seeking for us causes a chain reaction as the chase begins. At the beginning, it is not that difficult because we are head over heels in love with Him. I remember being apprehensive, wondering how I managed to fall in love with Him simply because I did not know Christians could fall in love with God. In this hot pursuit, you will soon realize that it takes everything you possess in your heart, soul, and spirit to follow hard after Him because of the intensity, the urgency, the zeal, and so on. Soon, you find out pursuing hard after God is about claiming your inheritance through the rigid preparation of an heir in the making. Eventually, this pursuit led me to the wilderness with Him where you become exhausted but you are to persevere and endure. As you continue the chase you live with the attitude and the full knowledge that you are indeed the King’s precious child.

 The only way Christ can completely apprehend us is if we join Him on the journey and do our share through total surrender. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that Christ does not have the ability to apprehend us without our help, but this is how He has chosen to work. He will not override our will to love Him and join Him in this journey. Neither am I saying that a lip service job of surrender will do. He is not interested in having a half-baked surrender that is done on a case by case basis. Either one of these wrong methods is a rejection of the terms of His covenant with us. He wants our all with no reservations.  When we understand what Christ has done for us, we understand His immeasurable grace, love, mercy and goodness. We cannot help but run back to His feet and surrender ourselves. When we start enjoying the life we have in Him through faith, we understand how lucky we are compared to those who are perishing. When we learn the sweetness of living in His bosoms we also realize how silly we were for having resisted Him for so long as well as for the time we wasted away from Him. Only then do we see the gravity, the ignorance, the blindness, the loss, and the present and future pain of living in the Devil's claws. As we recognize what we have in Him, we enjoy the freedom we have, willingly becoming His prisoners and His bondservant. What a life! What a God! What a wonderful paradox we live through Christ!

This excerpt is from my newly released book.  If you want to read more please get the book on Amazon kindle or paperback.  Kindle link  & Paperback