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12 November, 2012

The Mark of Spiritual Insecurity

When we call ourselves Christians and never move forward with God, we remain in our immaturity stage, we usually associate with people who share our beliefs, our ways, behavior and our attitude toward Him.  We feel comfortable among people who accept our worldview style of faith. We feel accepted, valued, affirmed, and there is no pressure to move forward in spiritual maturity. Sadly, the only encouragement they receive is to remain in their infantile state. They go through life avoiding anyone or Church who would challenge them to get out of their delusion. Spiritually insecure people do not even like churches where their worldly views and lifestyles are not validated they do not feel they fit in.

Spiritual insecurity is about living in bondage. It causes us to sacrifice our relationships with our spouses, children, coworkers and friends just for the sake of being validated. It eats away the joy of life because you are forced to live a life where you are constantly self-conscious, always defensive, and anxious. It goes as far as leading to depression. Spiritually Insecure people tend to create an atmosphere that fosters unnecessary conflicts. There is a reason for it. They don't only use people to achieve their end, they also depend on other  people who makes up their little community to validate them, constantly reassure them so they can feel loved and accepted. When people around them do not respond in an expected way, they are driven to self pity, they feel the pain; they feel weak and out of control. Some of them often lashed out. What it all boils down to, it is about feeding and appeasing their fragile ego.

How then do we deal with spiritual insecurity? We learn to deal with spiritual insecurity by first of all learning to separate our fear from reality. Living in a state of spiritual insecurity is choosing a life of sin. The fact that we live in fear of not being loved and accepted says that we do not trust God’s Word because His Word tells us that there is no fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear.  When we feel tempted to act out we can turn to Him for strength to overcome because the scriptures tell us that God always provide a way out when we are tempted. We got to keep in mind when we live with anxiety He is not being honored, and the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. We learn to surrender to Him who is able to do more than we can possibly imagine. We stop being afraid, let Him change us and build our characters. Once our identity is anchored in Him, we no longer depend so much on someone else to make us happy, we find strength and power to live freely and we know we can let go of the fear that controls us as we learn to live in Him moment by moment. 

PRAYER: Father God your grace is enough to take us through all that we need. Yet we have a hard time trusting you for the journey. We have a hard time letting go and embrace who you are in your love, your majesty and sovereignty. I pray that you would move us to a place where we would want to be free, free from Satan’s reign, free from his chains, and free to love and serve you. Teach us to see ourselves through your eyes so we can be encouraged to walk with you and forsake all that offends you. 

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