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07 November, 2012

Knowing Him In The Power Of His Resurrection

This Is an Excerpt of chapter 5 from the newly released book 
“Apprehended & Apprehending” which is based on Philippians 3:10-12

...... For those who love Him, death is not death; it is rather this coveted life you have found in Him that you go forward to claim with so much joy and anticipation. Death is simply a continuation of this life you have come to know in Him. Your being able to see Him with your spiritual eyes builds a craving to go to Him in death in order that you might live eternal life. It means everything the moment you come to know Him and be in Him.

We too are expected to lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel. The incentive to do so is that Christ did it first so that we can learn through Him. We should offer our lives for the edification of the Church, for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and for the Gospel to reach the un-reached. However, this does not mean we go and chose something to do on our own just because the need is there. It does not mean we expose ourselves recklessly either. As He works His cross within and your identification is grounded in His work, then you cease to live and work out of a sense of duty because the driving force behind everything that you do and all that you are is in the power of His resurrection and His life in you. This life brings you to a point where you can say with confidence 'I get God' because you are found in the middle of His purpose.

 In this day and age, we have people left, right, and center choosing to do “stuff” for Him, they build churches, become teachers, go to the mission field, put on healing shows and so forth. But we do not have enough people wanting to come to Him just because He is who He says He is! Christ’s example showed us that we need to acquire intimacy with the Father, and then we can go in His name, having been prepared by Him. Shame on us! We claim to love Him, yet like the Pharisees, we have become masters at substituting Him. There is a difference between being His worshipers and a fan of His. The work that is acceptable to God is an extension of who we are in Him. How can we sacrifice ourselves for the truth when the truth is not even in us? How can we give ourselves to the Master’s cause when we do not have the full meaning explained to us by the Holy Spirit through living a deeper Christianity in Him?

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