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15 November, 2012

Show Me Your Way!

Do we really need God to show us the way throughout our pilgrim’s journey on this earth?  
The first few years God led me into the wilderness I found I constantly needed guidance from Him. It was more so between the second to the fifth year. My soul ached to find a way out of my trials and the path I was on with Him. I hated the fact that my desire to be out there and get involved in saving souls was thwarted. I felt useless, the uncertainty of my life was painful, I felt anxious, and hated the fact that I lost so much control of my life. While I was happy he was training me to become what I am in Him now, but I felt I was missing the mark. So my favorite song for all those years was “show me your way that I may walk with you” by the Hillsong. I found such passion when I sang it. I found so much truth in it because it was me, I wanted to follow Him but I felt He was not showing me His way.  I was frustrated and needed Him to show me His way. Then my intimacy with Him soared, while I still like the song, I don’t care about it that much anymore. What I found strange was that my situation did not change that much, the only thing that changed was me, on the inside. Then, it bothered me that I still needed His leading but the song would not do it for me anymore.

This is the beauty of the steadfast walk in the Spirit. It is the beauty of living your life like His progeny. It is also the beauty of spiritual maturity. It is strange to see how on the outside my situation had not changed at all. I lost everything when He took me into the wilderness, but, unlike Job in the Bible who got his life back, God has not given anything back to me at all. Yet, I no longer need Him to show me the way. You see when you keep growing in your intimacy with Him, like a child with his bicycle training, you naturally move on to two wheels. When your identity is grounded in Him, and you are living as His child, you no longer need Him to show you His way. Not because you can live without His guidance. But because you have become obedient through brokenness, heavenly minded, and learned to walk moment by moment through dependence and trust, then, it does not matter what the next step is anymore. Your sole focus is to remain in the light with Him.

Now that I know and trust Him, I realize all these years I was begging Him to show me the way, He was indeed showing me His way. I was being led by Him. My life was exactly where He wanted it to be according to His plans for me. At that time, I did not like His plans for me. Now, that is all I live for. I needed Him to show me His way because my plans for my life did not coincide with His plans. I could not see it because I was so busy wanting Him to bless my own plans. Once we become heavenly minded, all that remain for us to focus on, is when we deviate so ever slightly through even the tiniest sin in our heart. As I mentioned in my book, even the tiniest sin takes us away from the light, it feels as if you are no longer attached to His divine nature, and it also feels like you have caught off your own oxygen. As we remain in the light with Him, you no longer are looking forward to do something big for Him. 

Finding Him, and finding your purpose in Him also means doing daily those tedious, “Itsy Bitsy” things that He puts in your path. As you do, while they look small in your eyes they all serve a purpose in Heaven. When you are building a house each one of us has our own job. One design the schematics, one lead the project one clean the construction site etc. As I stopped looking for God to lead me in the big things and my own way, I can see through His eyes, me being the one that sweeps the floor does not make me less in His sight. As long as I embrace His plan, I do it all for His glory, He is indeed glorified. And the guy who is smart enough to draw the schematic does not glorify Him more than I do. I am not saying being a true Christian is an easy life. In fact, it is not at all, NOT AT ALL. But, then again, we are not above the Master. And how can I not find joy in doing the most menial task He presents to me, when I know my contribution is so big in His eyes?

PRAYER: Lord God, Heavenly King, you are the God of the universe. You designed each one of us with a purpose in mind for your own glory. Father please take away the stubbornness of our hearts and the blindness that causing us to follow after our own desires. Please Lord, help us find freedom in you as you complete the work you started in us. I love you, I worship you and I give you thanks and praises for who you are and who you made me to be. May the ascended Christ be glorified in all of us.