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27 November, 2012

The Ambulance Corps

Georges Matheson who was a devout servant of Christ died in 1906. This man of God talked about three classes in the Christian life. The first group is considered to be people like Matheson himself, Aiden Tozer, John Edwards, J.C. Ryle, Moody, Spurgeon etc. Note that, these people I have listed above are my preferences. These are the type of people the Holy Spirit entrusted me to when I was thirsty for Him. As such I have confidence in who they were in Christ. One that I have learned to admire in our time is Pastor Paul Washer. Him and I seem to have taken one module together from Christ’s University which is Boldness. (Not to be confused with the boldness from the flesh without going through the humility process that He provides through pain and intimacy with Him)

The Church is made up mostly of the invalid ones, those that are on the couch and seem to be in constant need of care. They never outgrow the need to be cared for. The ambulance Corps are those who follow just for the sake of following in spite of being anonymous. There is no glory, there is no spotlight on them, and there is no one who would ever write their memoirs. To begin with they seem to be uninteresting to the naked eyes. These men and women of God are found almost everywhere in every walk of life. Yet they give and keep giving of themselves to the Lord, to be used without hindering Him. While they are in the background, but, God knows who they are. So, I leave you with George Matheson’s own writings and his own words. 
May God have mercy on us and bring us to a place where we can all be part of the Ambulance corps.


These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. "—Revelation 14: 4.
There are three classes in the Christian Life — the men of the wing, the men of the
couch, and the men of the road. The first are those who fly before ; they are the
pioneers of progress, they are in advance of  their fellows. The second are those who
stand still, or rather lie still ; they are the invalids of the human race ; they come not
to minister, but to be ministered unto. The third are those who follow ; they are the am-
bulance corps of humanity; they are the sacrificial souls that come on behind. I think
with St. John that these last are the most beautiful souls of all. They are lovely in
their unobtnisiveness. They do not wish to lead, they would rather be in the rear ; they
come forward only when others are driven backward. They want no glory from the
battle, no wreath for the victory, no honourable mention amid the heroes. They seek
the wounded, the dying, the dead. They anoint for life's burial, they bring spices for
the crucified, they give the cup of cold water they wash the soiled feet. They break the
fall of Adam ; they break the fall of Magdalene. They take in Saul of Tarsus after he
becomes blind. They are attracted by defects, they are lured by every form to
helplessness. They come out to meet the shadows; they go in the track, not of the lark,
but of the nightingale ; they follow the Lamb.

Captain of salvation, put me in the rear of Thine army — with the ambulance corps ! It
is not for the sake of safety that I ask it ; it is not to be relieved from the burden and the
heat of the day that I wish to be in the rear. It is because I think the trouble is greater
there ; it is because I see more room for sacrifice, more chance of doing good. There
are some whom Thou sendest before Thee — angels of the everlasting gospel who fly in
advance over the face of heaven. Speed them, bless them! But I am not fitted to be
one of these ; I am not swift enough, I am not brilliant enough. Put me in a sphere
where swiftness is not wanted, where brilliancy is not required ! Give me the trouble
without the glitter, O Lord ! Let others lead !— I am content to follow. Be Thou my rear-
ward ! Help me to serve Thee in the background! Is it not written, “They that tarry
at home divide the spoil." I cannot fight Thy battles, but I can nurse Thy wounded.
I cannot repel Thy foes, but I can repair Thy fortress. I cannot conduct Thy marches, but
I can succour those who have fainted by the way. Write my name amongst those who
follow Thee! 
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