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11 March, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 17 — Matthew 11:25 – 12:21

Study 17 From the Book of Matthew is: Matthew 11:25 – 12:21
1.      In 11:25-30, there is an amazing combination of Christ’s claims to unique authority and to humility.  Can both be true? What do these verses teach concerning (a) His person, and (b) the attitude He asks from us?
2.     Summarize the main principles of Sabbath observance outlined in 12:1-14. In what way, may we be guilty of the sin of the Pharisees? How are we to avoid a secularization of the Lord’s day?
3.     12:15-21.  These verses indicate the significance of the Suffering Servant passages om Isaiah for an understanding of Jesus and His ministry.  Cf. 8:17; Lk. 2:29-32; 22:37; Jn. 12:37, 38.  What are the outstanding features of this ministry?