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06 March, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 12 — Matthew: 8:23 – 9:8

Study 12 From the Book of Matthew is: Matthew 8:23 – 9:8
      1.      In 9:6 and 8 the word ‘authority’ is used to characterize Christ’s ministry. In what three realms is this seen in this passage?
      2.     9:1-8 reveals Christ’s power to deal with the deepest trouble of man. What is this? How do these verses illustrate the means whereby a man may find this healing? What follows from it as a visible proof of it?
     3.     Demon-possession was clearly treated seriously by our Lord. What may we understand by the demons’ witness to Christ in 8:29 (cf. Mk. 1: 24; 3:11, 12; Acts 16:16-18)? In what way does the incident of 8: 28 – 34 have any parallel in the ministry of the Spirit today?