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05 March, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 11 — Matthew: 8:1-22

Study 11 From the Book of Matthew is: Matthew 8:1-22
      1.      Consider how different the people were who received healing, and how different our Lord’s method with them were.  What does this teach us concerning (a) His power, and (b) our work for Him?
      2.     What was so remarkable in the centurion’s faith as to elicit Christ’s great commendation? Contrast Jn. 4:48. Note how the statement of verses 11, 12 anticipates the revolutionary developments recorded in the Acts.  See Acts 13:45-48.
3.     Verses 18-22. Why did our Lord leave the crowds, and why did He check two would-be disciples? Cf. Lk. 14:25-27.
Note. In chapter 8 and 9 Matthew record nine miracles of our Lord, in three groups of three. Matthew has this habit of grouping in subject-matter rather than in strict chronological order.