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10 March, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 16 — Matthew 11:1-24

Study 16  From the Book of Matthew is: Matthew 11:1-24
1.      What may we learn o f the character of John the Baptist from his problems and doubts concerning Jesus, and from our Lord’s commendation of him (verses 1-19)?
2.     Verses 20:24. We may discern here some important principles behind God’s judgment of mankind.  What are they, and what relevance do they have in our situation?
1.      There is a unity in chapters 11 and 12.  Apparently disconnected incidents are linked together around the theme of the reality and nature of the Messiahship of Jesus.
2.     Verse 12 may suggest either the dynamic of John’s ministry or the cost of becoming a member of the Kingdom.
3.     Verse 19 may read ‘deeds’ or ‘children’ (mg.) In either case the verse means that God’s way are justified by their results.