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09 February, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 7 — Matthew 6: 1-18

Study 7 From the Book of Matthew is: Matthew 6: 1-18
     1.      What was wrong with the religion of the scribes and Pharisees, here called ‘hypocrites’ and what kind of religion does our Lord commend in contrast?  Cf. Je. 17:10.  How do you ‘practice your piety’ (verse 1)
     2.     In the Lord’s prayer, what may we learn (a) from the order of the petition, and (b) from the kind of subjects which are particularly mentioned? What must be our relation (a) to God, and (b) to our fellow-men, if we are to make it our prayer?
Note. Verses 2, 5, 16. The word ‘hypocrite’ means an actor, i.e., one who plays a part.