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16 February, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — Introduction of Joel

Study 0 From the Book of Joel is: The Introduction of the Book of Joel
Nothing is known of this prophet beyond what is stated in the first verse of this book, and the evident fact that he prophesied to Judah. It is generally agreed that he was either one of the earliest of the prophets, or one of the latest. The date is not important for the study of his message.
The occasion of his prophecy was an unprecedented plague of locust, apparently accompanied by drought (1:18-20).  He summoned the people to national repentance and self-humbling, and on their doing this, he was authorized to declare the speedy departure of the locusts, and the restoration of the land.

But, the prophet was given also a more distant vision. The plague of locusts was a symbol of the approaching day of the Lord, and Joel foresees the outpouring of the Spirit, and the gathering of the nations to answer for their misdeeds towards Israel. The Lord will triumph and Israel be blessed.