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12 February, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 10 — Matthew 7:13-29

Study 10 From the Book of Matthew is: Matthew 7:13-29
With this study we will pause briefly to study the small book of Jonah
    1.      In verses 13-23 what threefold responsibility does our Lord lay upon those who would enter His kingdom (verses 13-14); (b) as to a right discrimination between false and true (verses 15-20); and (c) as to the condition of being acknowledged by Him at the last (verses 21-23)?
2.     To what categories of men do verses 24-27 refer? In what way do the two houses differ? How is it possible to be building – yet building foolishly?
3.     Verses 15-20. In what way, may we tell the false prophet? Cf. Dt. 13: 1-5; 1 Jn. 4-6. Can you think of any modern guise in which he appears?