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26 January, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 36 — Isaiah 58

Study 36 From the Book of Isaiah is: Isaiah 58
  1. Has fasting itself any value in God's sight? What does He look for in His people, and why is such conduct called 'fasting'? In verses 8:12, what promises of spiritual blessing does God give to those who are right in spirit towards Himself and their fellowmen?
  2. Examine your own attitude to Sunday in the light of verses 13:14.
  1. Verse 4. 'You fast only to quarrel and to fight...' Fasting, if not done in the right spirit, is apt to make men irritable and contentious, quick to use their fist.
  2. Verse 9. 'The pointing of the finger': probably a gesture of haughty contempt.
  3. Verse 13. 'If you turn back your foot from the Sabbath': i.e, regard it as holy ground, not to be profaned by common business. Cf. 56:2; Ne. 13:15-21.