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15 January, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 25 — Isaiah 43:14 – 44:23

Study 25 From the Book of Isaiah is: Isaiah 43:14 – 44:23
In making reference to Babylon's impending downfall (43:14, 15) God answers an unspoken objection that such a thing is incredible. 'Do you not remember what I did at the Read Sea? He asks (43:16, 17). 'Yet what I am about to do now is greater still' (43:18-21). He answers, too, a deeper cause of their unbelief, namely, a guilty conscience (43:25). 'My purpose toward you is one of blessing' (44:1-25).
  1. What was the new thing that God was about to do, greater even than His deliverance of Israel at the Red Sea? Cf. Chapter 35. What application has it to ourselves?
  2. How does 43:22-28 show that Israel was not justified by works, but only by free grace? Cf. Rom. 3:23, 24. What further gift had God in store for His redeemed people, and what blessings will it bring (44:3-5)? Cf. Jn. 7:37-39).
  3. What is the effect of idolatry on the mind of the worshiper? See 44:18-20. Have you realized the greatness of our privilege in knowing the true God? See 44:6-8.
  1. 43:2224. During the exile, God had not burdened them with demands for sacrifice and offering. But, they had burdened Him with their sins.
  2. 43:27, 28. 'Your first father': a reference probably to Jacob; cf. 48:1. 'Your mediators' may refer to priests and prophets; cf. Je. 2:8.