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17 January, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 27 — Isaiah 46 and 47

Study 27 From the Book of Isaiah is: Isaiah 46 and 47
These tow chapters concern Babylon, the first showing the impotence of Babylon's gods and the folly of worshiping them (45:1-7), and rebuking those Jews who would not receive God's revelation of his purposes (46:8-13); and the second depicting Babylon as a proud queen humbled to the position of a menial slave, with none to help her.
  1. Observe the difference in 46:1-4 between the gods of Babylon that have to be borne by beasts, and carried away by their worshipers, and the God of Israel who bears His people throughout their history. Is your religion one that is a burden to you, or do you know One who will bear you even to old age?
  2. What sins brought about Babylon's downfall, and God's judgment upon her? What did she assume was her security against future disaster (47: 8-13)?
  3. What is the attitude of the Word of God to all forms of fortune telling telling, crystal-gazing, and the like? What may we learn from chapter 47 about what will happen in the hour of judgment if we have been trusting in any other than in God?
    1. 46: 1, 2. The inhabitants of Babylon laid their chief idols (Bel and Nebo) on beasts, and carried them away in their flight.
    2. 47:6. 'I profaned my heritage': i.e., allowed the holy land to be defiled by foreign conquerors.