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09 November, 2016

Search The Scriptures —Study 25 — John 12:37-50

Study 25 From the Book of John is: John 12:37-50

With this lesson, we take a break from the book of John and will reconnect again later on the subject. Tomorrow we will CONTINUE with the book of Kings. Last time we ended the book of 1 Kings on the 19th lesson. As we move forward we will pick up from 2 Kings and study 20 because as mentioned before, 1 and 2 Kings form a single unit
This passage presents the problem of unbelief in face of manifest evidence of God's power and presence
  1. Both quotations from Isaiah in verses 38-40 speak of Christ, the latter because Christ's glory is included in the vision of God's glory in Isaiah 6. Who has and who has not 'believed our report' Why has God blinded their eyes. Etc.? Does this apply today to (Jews, and (b) non-Jews? Why do you believe?
  2. The seriousness of rejecting Jesus is the subject of verses 44-50, in which John summarizes the teaching of Jesus on this matter. Why is it so serious to reject Jesus? See especially verses 45, 46, 50 and compare Pr. 1:20-33. Why will Jesus word be the judge (verse 48)?
  1. Verse 42. 'Put out of the Synagogue': cf. 9:22. This was a very severe punishment, involving separation from public worship and from social intercourse.
  2. Verse 45. 'Sees': here is the concept of careful observation leading to spiritual insight.