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04 December, 2015


This morning I had such an awesome time with God during my meditation time and even though there is no need for now to share all that He has revealed to me but I still want to share a tidbit of it with you.

If we go back to the scriptures, we see that Christ praised some people for their faith, even though what they said to Him seems banal. One of the examples is the thief on the cross. Another one is the centurion that impressed Him so much that He even said in Mark 8:10 ‘“Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith. Yet, we see His interaction with the rich man in Mark 10. Christ told Him what needs to be done and left it at that. He did not force him, nor ran after him to force him to understand what he was offering. Of course, most of us tend to focus on what is obvious, which is the riches that he possessed caused the man to miss out on what was being offered to him. But, as we grow in the Lord, and this life becomes more and more about the interior life than anything else we realize that this situation was recorded in the Bible for our benefit. The more we grow the more we can see Christ’s tender heart for us in what has transpired with the rich man.

As I read the Bible I realize that Christ had a pattern in the way He interacted with people. He preached boldly to those who despised Him and those who followed in their own interests. He had a way of telling them what is what and left it at that. This is because Christ knew what is in our hearts and what is real or not.  In the same way, Christ has left the Spirit of God to help us, convince us and to verify for us when we truly believe in Him or not. So, not only we can see that we are growing “spiritually”, but the Holy Spirit Himself will always witness to us in order to help us and encourage us in the path we are in. The amount of time He chooses to witness to us can be once in a blue moon and for some this happens weekly or monthly. The quantity is not what is important here.  What is important is that we know directly from Him that we are “right with Him”.

Here is why it is important that our beliefs are confirmed to us by Him. These days we hear almost daily how people are dying left right and center in every corner of the world, and all is done in the name of God. It is easy for you and I to ask ourselves ‘ how in the world someone could kill even one human being without thinking of the damages left behind’? Let alone killing a dozen of twelve dozen all at once.

The truth is, these people doing the killing in the name of Allah are acting out their own beliefs. They truly believe they are acting in the best interest of God and trying to tell them otherwise would be like hitting a brick wall. You and I would make a grave mistake to think that we are above them in their beliefs if the spirit of God has never confirmed anything to us and we have been taking a stab at Christianity through our rituals and the laws. Their beliefs and their version of the Bible, which is the Quran is as sacred to them as ours are to us. In the same way we think we are 100 % right that we are following the right religion, they feel the same way too. How then do we KNOW that we KNOW what we KNOW? How then do we know that we are truly His heirs? How do we know we are truly right with Him? The reality is, when we are not right with God, our religion do not matter. Whether we are nicer than someone else, do not matter either. Like God has taught me, there are only two sides and all those that are not “right” with Him, are all lumped on one side. It is not a question of who is more evil than the other. So, if you are counting on your common sense and rituals to confirm to yourself that you are a child of God, I suggest you wrestle with Him like Jacob did, until you KNOW that you are right with Him. Remain at His feet, surrender yourself and ask Him to change your heart.  There is nothing wrong in asking God to confirm your path to you.

Some would say that you should not doubt, because you go to church, you said the sinner’s prayer, you have been baptized and you read your Bible, you are part of ministry, you are even a leader. Well, the Muslim who is killing in the name of Allah has his version of rituals down path too and he is as convince as you that he is right with God too.

Did the Spirit of God who left the Holy Spirit for this very purpose has confirmed things to you? Don’t say I did not share with you…..