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23 December, 2015

Search The Scriptures —Study 13— 2 Corinthians 12:11-21

Study 13 From The Book of 2 Corinthians Is: 2 Corinthians 12:11-21

1.    Paul again summarizes his past ministry in Corinth and his attitude towards the Christians there. What accusations is he meeting in this passage and how does he answer them?  What impresses you most as showing the measure of his Christ-Likeness? In answering this question bear in mind how deeply he has been wronged by the ingratitude and suspicion of the church.
2.    In verses 20, 21 what anxieties does Paul have over the church in Corinth?  What can we learn from this about our responsibility for younger Christians?
  1. Verse 13. ‘Forgive me this wrong!’: spoken in irony.
  2. Verse 14. ‘I seek not what is yours but you’: cf. 4: 5, 15; 5:13; 13:9.