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22 September, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 17 — Proverbs 25:1-26:12

Study 17 From The Book of Proverbs Is: Proverbs 25:1-26:12

1.      How does our Lord in one of His parables adapt the teaching of 25:6, 7?
2.      Observe in 25:8-28 how many illustrations are given of the power and influence of words both to do good and to do harm.  Am I sufficiently careful in this matter?
3.      In what ways does the passage 26:1-12 enforce the familiar injunction, ‘Don’t be a fools’? Cf. Mt. 7:26; 23:17; 25:2; Lk. 11:40; 12:20; 24:25.
Note.  The ‘fool’ is one who is willfully unresponsive to the teaching of divine wisdom, and going his own self-chosen way, hurts himself and others.