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28 September, 2015

The Scriptures —Study 1 — Romans 1:1-17

Study 1 From The Book of Romans Is: 1:1-17

1.      What does the apostle say in these verses about himself? See verses 1, 3 and each verse from 9 to 16.  With verse 14, cf. 1 Cor. 4:1-9:16, 17.
2.      What does Paul say about the gospel, its origin, content, purpose, power and propagation? Have you any eagerness or sense of obligation to preach it?
Note. Verse 17. The phrase ‘the righteousness of God’, here and in 3:21, means a righteousness provided for man by God in Christ. It should be distinguished from ‘the justice of God’ (3:5) or ‘righteousness’ (3:25) which means God’s character as righteous.