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25 September, 2015

Search The Scriptures —Study 20 — Proverbs 30

Study 20 From The Book of Proverbs Is: Proverbs 30

The last two chapters of Proverbs are appendices.  Chapter 30 gives the words of Agur, of whom nothing further is known. Agur first looks Godward, and is humbled by the mystery of the divine being and power. Later he looks out upon the world of men and animals and notes a number of striking facts which the records.
1.      Notice the definiteness, urgency, content and motive of Agur’s prayer.  Compare with it the prayer which our Lord taught His disciple to pray.
2.      Are the classes of men mentioned in verses 11:14 still present? State in four words the sins of which they were guilty.
3.      What four lessons may the four creatures mentioned in verses 24:-28 teach us?