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19 September, 2015

Search The Scriptures —Study 14 — Proverbs 20:14 – 22:16

Study 14 From The Book of Proverbs Is: Proverbs 20:14 – 22:16

1.      Gather out from this passage those principles for wise living that most impress you.
2.      Make a list from 20:17-25 of different kinds of action which ought to be avoided; and notice why.
3.      20:24 speaks of God’s sovereignty, and 20-27 of man’s responsibility.  What other verses in this passage touch on these two complementary truths?
1.        20:27. ‘The spirit of man’: here a synonym for the conscience.
2.      22:16, ‘He who…. Gives to the rich’: i.e., solely with his own advantage in view—‘to increase his own wealth’.