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24 April, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 06 — Psalms 09 — Psalms 10

Study 06 From The Psalms Is:

Psalms 09 — Psalms 10

These psalms were probably originally one, as is shown by the fact of their common ‘alphabetic’ structure. In the ixx they are one psalm.  The contents are, however, different. Ps. 9 is mainly a song of praise, celebrating victory over foreign nations; but Ps. 10 consists mainly of prayer, pleading for the overthrow of the wicked within Israel.

   1.    Make a detailed list of the truths we may learn about the Lord from these psalms.

2.    From Ps. 9 what do we learn of the actions and longings of David, and of his experience of the Lord? Contrast this with the thoughts and actions of the wicked as described in Ps. 10. To what extent is your own action, experience and longing similar to David’s?

Note. 9:17. The meaning is that through the judgments which God is executing the life of the wicked will be cut short by death.

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