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25 April, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 07 — Psalms 11 — Psalms 12

Study 7 From The Psalms Is:

Psalms 11 — Psalms 12

As I mentioned to you previously, the book of Psalms is spread throughout the span of this study.  So, with the study of psalms 11 and 12 we will stop for now and start the book of Acts tomorrow.

     1.    In Ps. II why does David not follow the advice of those who see the situation as hopeless (verse 3) and suggest flight?  What gives him confidence to stand firm? Do you have this confidence?

2.    How are the word of man and the Word of God contrasted in Ps.12?

Note. 11:3. See RV mg.  The righteous have not been able to effect any change for the better; why then remain in the midst of danger?