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26 April, 2015

Search The Scriptures — Study 01 — Acts 1:1-11

Today we are starting with the book of Acts.

The book of Acts falls into two main parts: Chapters 1-12, which give the story of the rise of the Church in Jerusalem and its extension to Judea, Samaria and Antioch; and chapter 13-28, which describe Paul’s three missionary journeys, his arrest in Jerusalem, imprisonment in Caesarea, and journeys to Rome.  A more accurate analysis, however, reveals that there are (apart from the introductory paragraph, 1:1-11) six divisions or periods, each concluding with a brief summary of progress.

Study 01 From The book of Acts Is: Acts 1:1-11

1.    What did Jesus teach His apostles about their future work before He ascended? Does this still apply to us today?

2.    What is said in these verses about (a) the authority of God the Father, (b) the agency of God the Holy Spirit, and (c) the activity of Jesus the Son of God?  The whole story of this book flows from these facts.  Are they transforming your life?