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12 December, 2014

Things That Make You GO Hmmm!

Early in 2006 God showed me in a beautiful vision how those who belong to His army have to be trained here and now and not after death. He emphasized in the preparation taking place right here as we live this life. The past month has been so hard for me and every step I take has been a major challenge. I am tired of the training, tired of the hardship and wish I could live a Christian life more relaxed. So, I guess, in my own way, I have been rebelling. This morning, I fought tears while meditating on His word, purpose and His way. Then the Holy Spirit said to me:

"The more things changed the more they stay the same.

  • Adam and Eve thought they could take over for God, they let Satan direct them. As a result, they lost their spiritual blessings and became separated from God.
  • The Israelites were saved by God, but rejected His way in the wilderness. So, they all died there,  never tasted the blessings God had in mind for them through Canaan’s life.
  • Most of those who claim to believe in Christ, reject His way and purpose as well. So, you too you are free to choose.  Immediately, I found strength, no more teary eyes and I stopped feeling pity for myself. I was surprised to see what I was going through the past month was a form of pity party as well."
Believe it or not, until the Spirit of God enlightened me, I truly felt that it was okay for me to be tired because I am just a human being. I never realized I was living with a rebellious heart where I was questioning the wisdom, His plan and purpose. In essence, I was telling Him that I am tired of carrying the cross as I follow. I was telling Him that I was tired of living by faith and wish that I could live by sight too. Living by faith and not by sight is hard because God is not bound by time, does not owe us an explanation and He does not have to keep our comfort in mind. We simply have to keep trusting and keep walking in spirit, knowing that He is faithful.

We can never know God too much or too well and we can never take this journey for granted or relax through it. Because if we do, Satan will have the last word. The more we become spiritually mature,  the craftier Satan becomes. Unless the Spirit shows us, we have no idea that we are being duped by him.

This morning, the Spirit of God was really abrupt with me. I thought to myself, what's up with that? You are supposed to be gentle. The truth is, I was being disrespectful to God and the Spirit's business and allegiance is to God first and does not take kindly those who do not revere Him constantly. So, sometimes,the Spirit of God simply does not cajole us.He simply put the rude reality of our choices in front of us and tells us to go wild, but choose well......