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14 December, 2014

Behold the Lamb of God!

Jesus Is God's Lamb. In his nature and character, we may see all the excellent qualities of the Lamb. He is holy--free from all blemish. In him is no defect. He is without sin, and full of grace. His entire nature is pure, and spotless--an offering fit for God. He is meek--none need fear him. Bruised, humbled, and afflicted, he has learned what suffering is, and is now able to sympathize with sufferers. He is not a lion--but a lamb. Who would fear to approach, to touch, or to become familiar with a lamb? He is patient, bearing the opposition and contradiction of sinners, without complaint; and bearing the wrath of God in solemn silence, or with deep submission.

He is the gentle One. He calls a child to him, and makes it his text. He receives children from mothers and relatives, heals and blesses them. He allows children to follow him, proclaim him, and sing hosannas to him. The bruised reed he will not break, the smoking flax he will not quench--nor one applicant for mercy, will he refuse.

As a lamb, he was intended to be a sacrificial victim. He was to die, the just for the unjust. A lamb was to make atonement for sinful human lions, bears, and a generation of vipers. O mystery of mercy! O wondrous love! God required a lamb, whose life was equivalent to all the lives that had been forfeited by sin. He demanded blood, worth all the blood that had been or would be shed. The victim he required could not be found, therefore he promised to provide one. On that promise, the hope of all believers hung. On that promise, the faith of all that were saved was built.

God himself was to provide a lamb. That lamb was to be put to death. The putting to death of that lamb, was to atone for, and put away sin. That lamb was to be an all-sufficient sacrifice for sin, an infinite atonement for transgression. The lamb promised, was now provided. John saw him, pointed him out, and directed his hearers to him, crying with a loud voice, "Behold, the Lamb of God!"

That lamb was sacrificed, was sacrificed for us, and is now presented to us, is now placed before us. He is evidently and clearly set forth, as though he was crucified among us. He is man's accepted substitute. He is God's obedient servant. He is the sacrifice to satisfy God's justice for man's sin. He is God's Son, who did his Father's will; by which all believers are sanctified, by the offering of his precious body once. The Lamb is God--God in our nature--God with us--God in our place--God atoning for our sin--God putting away our sins by the sacrifice of himself! O mystery of mysteries! O wonder of wonders! Let us