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30 December, 2014

Last Things Last - Arthur Pink

We opened the year by writing upon "First things First," so it seems appropriate that we should offer a few remarks upon Last Things in this closing issue of 1939. The subject suggested by this title could be dealt with in various ways. We might, for example, consider that procrastinating tendency of fallen human nature to put off until later, things which ought to be seriously attended to now.

Death was the last thing in the experience of the countless millions whose bodies now lie in the cemeteries: how many of them were prepared to pass out of time into Eternity? Like we, they knew that their life span would be but a comparatively short one at best. Yet, like most of our generation, it is greatly to be feared the majority of them lived as though they were going to continue here indefinitely, with plenty of time before them for preparing to meet their God. Here is a case where last things must not be left to the last. "O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!" (Deut. 32:29).

Or, we might well dwell on the fact that the closing days of another year call for a solemn review of the months now behind us: how far we have redeemed the time—or to what extent we have trifled it away. We should be humbled at the recollection of how frequently we grumbled, because His way was not the one we desired.

We should judge ourselves unsparingly because we so often lagged behind, and sought to turn aside into forbidden bypaths. We should ponder the amazing grace of God in condescending to lead us across this trackless desert, and think, too, of His infinite forbearance in continuing to lead those who are so ungrateful and intractable. We should praise Him for having kept us in the Narrow Way, which we would have certainly forsaken—had we been left to follow the bent of our own evil lusts. And we should return fervent thanks that we are now a year's march nearer to our Heavenly Home...