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05 July, 2017

Search The Scriptures —Study 69 — Psalms 89: 1-37

Study 69 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 89: 1-37

This psalm vividly depicts the conflict of faith. In the first part (verses 1-37) the psalmist praises the Lord, who is reverenced in heaven and on earth, as the Victor over chaos, and the covenant God and Father of Israel’s king and people. In the second part (verses 38:-52) , however, it is clear that the king has suffered a serious military reverse.
1.     Verses 5-18 expand verses 1 and 2. What attributes of God are extolled? How is the blessedness of God’s people described?
2.     Verses 19-37 expand verses 3 and 4 concerning God’s covenant. Ponder the scope, the conditions and the generosity of God’s promises.
1.     Verse 3. The original occasion is described in 2 Sa. 7, recalled in 2 Sa. 23:5, and celebrated in Ps. 132: IIff.
2.     In verses 9:14 the pronouns ‘thou’ and ‘thine’ are emphatic.
3.     Verse 10. Rahab was originally used to refer to the forces of chaos subdued at creation (cf. Jb. 26:12). But here and in Is. 51:9 (cf. Ps. 74:12ff.) the imagery is used to refer to the exodus from Egypt, when God’s mighty power was shown in redemption.